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The Firm

Bruwer Capital (Bruwer) is a Private Equity and Advisory company that advises real estate companies and invests in long term sustainable projects. We believe that developed countries and frontier markets have many synergies to make their countries stronger - a true win-win solution for all stakeholders is there for possible. 


Bruwer focuses on finding and advising innovative individuals and companies that strives to find new sustainable investment solutions within the real estate and other sectors.  We believe we can only make the world a better place if we and our partners challenge the status quo. 


Bruwer consists of a group of  inspired leaders who have worked in many of the most challenging environments. We have fun, we roll out of bed daily making a difference, enjoying what we do whilst  expanding our network (family)s.


Join our family if you share our vision to make an impact for future generations.

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